Our Roots

Our Roots


Owner of RJC Landscaping & More is Rob Cochran. RJC Landscaping & More was established in 2009.

Rob was born and raised in North Carolina. He started working for a known company in November of 2006. He enjoyed working outdoors and developed a passion for landscaping and lawn care. This is where he originally became certified in Pesticides. He then was interested in maintenance work where he started working as a temporary maintenance technician for an apartment management company. This is where he learned the tricks of the trade. At that time, he realized that he not only had a passion for landscaping/lawn care & home maintenance but the passion was to combine everything together and to help out others.

main-logoRob married his wife, Jackie, in August of 2008. Jackie was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. She moved to North Carolina to start a life with Rob back in Summer of 2008. Jackie has worked in the business field for just under 15 years. She has worked her way from different positions involving customer service role to the management roles. Jackie loves to get away from working from time to time and enjoy the outdoors by working in the garden or going fishing.

During 2009, Rob decided to start his own landscaping, lawn care, and home maintenance business named ‘RJC Landscaping & More’. Rob does most of the work himself with the occasional help of a worker. Please rest assured that the employees they occasionally have are sought after to be trustworthy and caring. Rob always strives to offer great services and customer expectations through the work of RJC Landscaping and all that is involved with his business.

RJC Landscaping started off with about a handful of customers & grew in the same year to a dozen regular customers. In Spring of 2010, it has doubled in customers – which most of the customers being from word-of-mouth. This is because of the great quality, caring attitude, and reasonable prices he offers to each and every customer. Rob realizes that without his customers that this dream would not be possible. So he strives to give complete customer satisfaction in order to keep these customers.

RJC’s current customers appreciate that he is down to earth and listens to what his customers have to say about what they want and/or need. Rob is very upfront and if he can’t do the job, then he will tell you that. If he does not know the answer to a question at that time, then he will find out the answer and get it to you.

In 2011, Rob has continued to help this business grow and after a lot of studying and hard work he has achieved to become a North Carolina Registered Landscape Contractor. There are not many people that have achieved this here in Greensboro, NC.

With ‘RJC Landscaping & More’ you know you are going to get great quality at a reasonable price and great customer service.

Thank you!!!