Terms & Conditions

Billing & Non-Payment:

Please make out and mail all payments to:
R Cochran
2312 Hubbard St
Greensboro, NC 27405

We accept for payments: Cash, Checks, & Paypal.

For Cash: We are now offering a discount for clients that pay in cash. Note: you must pay in cash the full amount and at the time of service in order to receive the discount. We do not accept bills larger than $20 and we do not carry change.

For Checks: Please make payments out to ‘R Cochran’ and in the memo please input your invoice #. There will be a $30.00 fee for any returned checks.

For Credit/Debit Cards: Go to paypal.com. The account is under the email name rjclandscaping@yahoo.com with this you can pay by credit card or debit card.

Once services are completed, we will send out an invoice with an approximate 10 day due date from the date of Invoice. Invoices will automatically be mailed out. If you so choose you can have your invoice left at your home at the time of service or we can email it to you. Please let us know ahead of time what you choose or your invoice will automatically be mailed.

* Payments are due by the due date. Once the payment is 3 days late past the due date then there will be a $10 late fee added on to your bill. Once your account balance is over 3 days delinquent then any & all services may be put on hold until your account is brought back to good standing.

Pet Owners:

Pet owners, please pick up after your animals. Cleaning animal waste off our equipment is not a favorite thing for us to do. Excessive animal waste may result in additional charges after we consult with you on this issue. Also, please bring your animals inside when we arrive to mow. If you can’t be there during your scheduled service days, try to leave your pets inside.

Dry Weather:

During the hot summer months, lawns in our area tend to dry up and stop growing. During this period we will do our best to determine whether or not your lawn needs mowing. If your lawn has not grown and/or is very dry, we have no problem skipping waiting until the lawn picks up again. However, sometimes is a borderline decision. Each customer has their own opinions of their lawn. It’s often difficult to guess each customer’s preference. If we skip your mowing in a dry week and you would still like it done, then give us a call and we will come back to mow your lawn.

Fall Leaf Coverage:

In our area the grass continues to grow for sometime after leaves begin to fall from trees. During early fall when leaves begin to fall lightly we will continue to mow as normal mulching leaves with the cut grass. Mulched leaves are also good fertilizer. Later in fall when leaves begin to cover lawns completely they become a problem for mowing equipment and must be removed from the lawn before mowing. For those in the city limits they need only be raked or blown to a pile by the curb for pickup during pickup months or bagged during other months. For those outside the city limits they will need to be either taken to the landfill or disposed of by some other means – which we can do for a fee. Whether we provide this service or someone else does it, it will be necessary to continue your mowing service during these months.


Please feel free to email us rjclandscaping@yahoo.com or call us (336-375-1402)