Tree Work

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RJC Landscaping is insured specifically to perform tree work. Rob is a member of ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). This organization is highly recognized for upholding its members to perform tree work that is correct and safety oriented. RJC specializes in pruning and tree removals. We offer free quotes. Correct pruning will increase your tree’s health, however removal is sometimes the best option. We keep current with the correct methods and use continuing education to stay informed of tree related issues (diseases and methods of treatment) to better serve you and your tree’s survival.

We also rescue cats stuck in trees in our spare time. Last two years we have rescued a couple dozen cats stranded in trees. We like to use our climbing skills to help owners that need their family pet back. Most cats usually will find a way down but some can’t seem to figure it out and need a rescue. The cost we charge does vary depending on traveling distance. We do appreciate tips to help with other costs (climbing gear maintenance/ replacement).

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